Linux is Easy

Linux is an easy to use, well designed, open source  operating system that has a complete list of programs already installed and is safe, more secure and as easy to use as Windows or Apple.  And it’s free! 

Linux is an open-source operating system, meaning that it is completely free to use and free to distribute. Linux is an exceptionally robust and reliable system most commonly used for internet servers, mobile phones, and tablets (e.g. Android). However, the use of Linux as an alternative operating system for personal computers has also been growing over the years, with several million users having already discovered the benefits of it.

Here are links to the easiest to use versions of Linux:


Ubuntu 16.04 LTS download

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – Review

Linux Mint

The eBook, Linux is Easy is based on Linux Mint LTS (long term service) which is supported with updates for 5 years. The latest version of Linux Mint 18 LTS has been released and it’s very similar the LM 13 with performance improvements and other refinements. So it’s basically the same OS, but better!

Linux Mint 18 manual

Linux Mint download

Linux Mint 18 LTS – Review

Download Linux is Easy eBook for free!



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